What is the age range for Autism testing?

We are able to test for Autism as early as 18 months to 99+ years old. 

How do I get an appointment?

First we will need a referral from the primary care doctor. Once we receive the referral, we will be in contact within the next week or so. 

What do I bring for the initial appointment?

We will need the parent's ID, the patient's insurance card and all of the new patient paperwork. We also need you to arrive on time, otherwise we will have to reschedule because our patients are scheduled back to back.

Is this a quick process?

Psychological testing is tedious and takes time to complete. The report itself is important to get the services you need. 

In short, it is worth the wait.

Should I take/give medication on appointment days?

If you or your child are prescribed medication please be sure to take your medication regularly even on testing days unless otherwise directed by our psychologist.

Can you prescribe medication?

Psychologists are prohibited by Georgia law to prescribe medication. Should you or your child need medication we recommend speaking with your doctor or psychiatrist.