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New Patient Paperwork

We provide our full new patient packet as a printable resource for your convenience. Printing and filling out the paperwork prior to the appointment will save 20-30 minutes and helps relieve some stress from your first visit. Find your packet above!

Reminder for Parents

Please be sure to print and complete all packets listed for your child. This is to ensure that you do not have to spend time filling out missing paperwork during your appointment time. 

What To Bring

Please be sure to have a valid ID for the parent and the patient's insurance card for the the first visit. We will scan each card into the system and return them soon after.  

Legal Documentation


In regards to cases where legal procedures of any kind have taken place (custody, guardianship, adoption, foster care etc.) the appropriate legal documents must be provided prior to the first appointment. If the necessary documents are not produced, then we will not be able to provide any services. This is to ensure that all legal rights of the patient are maintained.